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19 May 2016

A great threat is afecting the wonderful marine ecosystem in Indonesia: dynamite fishing. Many local fishermen continue using this method that destroys all marine life on the impact zone, including the corals that are the base of the local ecosystem.

Coral Guardian is a non-profit organisation founded in 2010. They specialize in coral ecology and its restoration. Founded by Martin Colognoli & Guillaume Holzer, Coral Guardian works towards the preservation the marine habitats and to achieve sustainability by getting everyone involved: from the local businesses to general public and the local communities in Indonesia.

Their work is based on planting baby corals in artificial reefs, using sculpture-like structures as a substratum. This is very important to preserve the marine habitat, as well as it is for the native communities, as many of these are the ones in charge of planting the corals thanks to the employment generated by the organisation.

This way, Coral Guardian stimulates social cohesion and rises awareness in local communities but also favours the environmental preservation.

Coral Guardian’s intervention makes fishermen perception change. It makes them understand the need to stop dynamite fishing and to work towards a sustainable model in which ecologic tourism comes into place. In fact, the organisation program includes diving tours in which the evolution of the restoration process can be observed by everyone.

Coral Guardian & PETER Diving crossed paths last January. We had the chance to meet each other during the largest watersport show in the world and we felt in love with the work of these entrepreneurs.

One of the founders – Martin – liked the idea of integrating PETER Diving System in the non-profit methodology and make of it a new tool for their restoring works and other scientific operations in shallow waters. Said & done.

For us, that we are deeply committed with marine conservation, it is a privilege to be able to supply our technology to the service of projects with such positive impacts. We cannot wait to show you how Coral Guardian works with the PETER Diving System.

Coral Guardian get quite creative when it comes to show their work to the world. They produce their own films with which they intend to raise awareness promote the values of environmental sustainability. Their labor in this field has been validated since they have been awarded with renowned prices in film festivals as it is the case of the short film below.

Without doubt, their work is very important but you can also take part by adopting a coral. We already have ours.

Dive with PETER, adopt a coral, defend the ocean!

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PETER Diving System