PETER Diving System


02 January 2018

PETER Diving’s core brand value is marine conservation, via the TRITON Project. Because of that and the location of the PETER Diving headquarters in Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain), there has been a connection with the local environmental entities working to preserve our seas.

Before telling the story what this post is about, we would like firstly to briefly introduce IMEDEA and their Seawatchers program:

The Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA) is a research center jointly governed by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB).

Their main goal is the contribution to nature and social communities with useful scientific and technical knowledge about Nature’s structure and function and its response to anthropogenic actions. Citizens depend on this knowledge to correctly manage natural ecosystems and to ensure the quality of life of the people.

Specialized in researching its geographical context, IMEDEA’s focus is on island and coastal ecosystems.

After its opening in 1986, IMEDEA is now a reference to scientists worldwide , the main advisors for the government environmental department in the Balearic Islands, and a magnet for young scientific talents. IMEDEA directs quite some focus to stimulate community science and environmental awareness within the general public.

IMEDEA designed and implemented an innovative program to increase the data collection of the scientists and also the chances to be able to provide solutions to urgent problems that are affecting us locally and globally.

It consists in a community-based web portal named Seawatchers. An online platform in which scientists can be in touch with citizens in order to help each other understand the state of the marine environment.

General public can contribute with their experience and daily observations to the scientific community, supplying valuable data to increase the resolution of the monitoring power of the scientists ultimately providing a better understanding to global problems and hopefully bringing the tools to find new solutions to present and future problems such as global warming, pollution, invasion of alien species or overfishing.

Anyone liking the sea, or practicing diving, sailing, fishing and other sea-related sports can be a contributor to this cause that affect us all. Therefore, we invite you all to join. It is fun and definitely helpful for the scientist’s work that will eventually come back to us the citizens.

PETER Point Punta Negra joined the program in 2015 as a sentinel diving center. All the PETER Guides were trained by IMEDEA’s scientist to identify the current species and other factors of interest to the scientist, so they can report any potentially interesting observation to the Seawatchers portal.

After getting close to IMEDEA’s Seawatcher team, the scientist showed interest in the possible value of PETER Diving System to be used in scientific field work.

Was it in early 2016 that they requested to get one unit and the SSI PETER Diving’s certification course so all scientists could test and experiment with the PETER Diving System.

Now, after working in several campaigns with this new tool to do science, their feed-back is not only positive but they came up with ideas for developing different protocols based on the specific use of the float, as it can carry alive samples hanging from it or a GPS can be set on it to keep real-time geo-tracking of the transects, core samples and other monitoring operations they undertake.

Now that PETER Diving System is available for the scientific community and that Coral Guardian and IMEDEA find it very helpful for their jobs, hopefully other scientists caring for the environment start enjoying the advantages of this tool.

Feel free to spread the word!

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PETER Diving System