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The Land and Sea Diving Centre, Antoremba Lodge

PETER Points Madagascar The Land and Sea Diving Centre, Antoremba Lodge

The Land and Sea Diving Centre, Antoremba Lodge

The Land and Sea Diving Centre at Antoremba Lodge was created in early 2018 and is located in the heart of a family lodge composed of 4 beach front bungalows for potential divers. 2 boats are available to take guests to different dive spots. Even though the dive center is a new addition, the resort is already very experienced with watersports, offering paddle boards, kayaks and sports fishing.

The lodge is located on a private beach on Nosy Be, 190 meters long and only accessible by boat. A beautiful reef is accessible just in front of the lodge 200 meters from the beach, perfect for an introduction dive using the PETER Diving System. 

Diving at Antoremba Lodge

Located just off the small island of Nosy Be, Nosy Tanikelyi is a National Park and marine reserve which is totally protected for the pleasure of the divers. Nosy Tanikelyi means ‘island of the little earth’ Really rich in fish, coral, turtles and ideal for discovering the beauty of the underwater world with an introduction dive starting on the beach and then following on with an adventure of different spots around the island.  

The depth range for most sights in Madagascar is between 5 and 40 meters (15 and 130 feet). Average open water temperature ranges from 28°C (82°F) in the Spring to 23°C (74°F) in the Summer.

Further in the bay of Nosy Be there are diving spots extremely rich in corals and fish for the delight of divers. Sea turtles are almost certain to be seen. You can observe whales during the whale season (September till November) during a whale safari or during one of your excursions and with luck even from the beach of the lodge! There are endless gardens of corals, curious groupers, tortoises and many mysterious underwater treats.

Choosing PETER Diving

The depths of water and arrangement of the reefs around Nosy Be make it perfect for the PETER Diving System. Antoremba Lodge, with its intimate setting and family-run environment is the place to go to if you want a local and personalised diving experience.

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