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Costa Brava

Sunken ships, slopes, caves, narrow passages... diving on the Costa Brava is a very recommendable experience. The area boasts diving possibilities for all levels of expertise and its waters feature great diversity in plant and wildlife, well worth exploring.

If you wish to enjoy diving on the Girona coastline, you should know that it is an excellent option as the area includes numerous protected spaces and nature reserves such as the Medes islands, Costa del Montgrí and Cap de Creus, as well as other areas of relevance to diving such as Furió Fitó, Islas Formigues and Ullastres.

It also has seabeds that stand out for their posidonia sea-grass and coral populations, which include a broad and diverse marine ecosystem that is filled with life.

In such a thoroughly preserved area, in which the ecosystem is so fragile, as is the case for posidonia which has been very affected in the Mediterranean, it is now possible to enjoy this through PETER Diving’s ecologically sustainable diving modality, less invasive and more respectful toward the environment, this being one of our main values as lovers of the sea.

As a diving area offering a range of different diving forms, it is suitable for all levels of experience and for people of all ages. The Costa Brava is a family destination and on your next visit, you could find the perfect moment for diving with a PETER Diving set in some of the points spread out across this shoreline on the Catalan coast.

A dive with PETER Diving on the Costa Brava is to live the pure essence of the Mediterranean, enjoying a unique experience in privileged surroundings, and while you will also be able to savour the experience of an underwater journey, it is very advisable to revel in its nature, landscapes, cuisine and the beauty of its villages.

Live the PETER Diving Experience on Costa Brava!

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