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The smallest inhabited island in the Balearics, Spain, Formentera is often overlooked by visitors to it's busy neighbour Ibiza but perhaps this has been to its advantage. 

Although there are a number of bars and restaurants to cater to its guests, the 85 square km island remains largely unspoilt by the tourism industry. 

With no airport access is limited to ferries from mainland Spain and the island's larger Balearic neighbours. 

Formentera appeals to beach and nature lovers. With 20 km of white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters the island is a perfect paradise for sailing, kitesurfing, snorkeling and of course diving. 

Voted in the the first Neptune awards in 2005 as the Best National Diving Destination, Formentera's waters bear the honour of having been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is owing to the submerged meadows of Posidonia, a seagrass affectionately known as the 'lungs of the Mediterranean' due to the volume of Oxygen it produces during photosynthesis. These meadows provide a habitat for hundreds of sea creatures, reduce levels of silt and prevent erosion of beaches. 

Divers in Formentera can enjoy an average visibility of 30m while exploring the Posidonia meadows, shipwrecks, walls and caves this island has to offer. 

You can now take to the waters of Formentera with a PETER Diving System at Vellmari Dive Center in the Marina De La Savina. 

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PETER Diving System