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Fair winds for the yachting market

18 March 2019
Fair winds for the yachting market

Increase of deliveries of PETER Diving System on yachts

Last week, one month after our 4th exhibition at Düsseldorf's BOOT, our distributors have represented our brand at two shows happening on the same dates – Eurasian Boat Show in Istanbul and the Dubai International Boat Show.

Now, after a successful show season we are all preparing for the Summer deliveries to our yacht clients world wide. 

Because we have felt that many dealers needed additional time to detail their orders for the coming Summer season, we have decided to extend the closing of our production program until end of March. This way we are able to include these last orders and also to receive new dealer applications.

Here is a brief update on progress for those companies working in the yachting industry:

Growth of the international sales network

Our dealer and distributor base related to the maritime industry has grown in different international markets, beyond Authorised PETER Points. Our products are also available in many new broker offices and marinas.

PETER Diving System is recommended by renowned yacht companies such as the Sunseeker London Group, megayacht supply companies such as Versilia and National Marine, superyacht outfitters like Superyacht Tenders & Toys, EYOS Tenders & Toys and Aqua Marine Group.

“The PETER Diving unit is an ideal solution for yachts. Blurring the boundary between snorkelling and scuba diving it makes the underwater world more accessible for everyone, no matter age or ability. The PETER is also a useful piece of equipment for crew maintenance and underwater checks making the more difficult tasks more achievable. We highly recommend PETER Diving for clients all over the world.” Mark Peak - Yacht Toy Specialist.

We have been surprised to learn that yacht brokers are one of the most efficient points of sale to the maritime industry. The agents know their owners and captain clients well. They also know their yachts well and what activities the guests enjoy on board. The friendly relationship they have with the yachts makes them perfect for recommending lifestyle add-ons to their clients life at sea.

Brand strategy focused in the diving market, while sales to yachts stands over 70%

From the start of 2018 our international strategy has been focused in the diving market, because we found out that yacht owners and crews usually look for their diving gear and training in dive shops and these have the best background to provide an all-emcompasing service for our customers.

Even though our company stopped doing boat shows in 2017, still more units have been sold to yacht owners, crews and charter agencies.

From our feedback, the lower weight of our system makes it a suitable and complementary leisure item within the range of water toys. Also, it serves as a highly useful tool for the ship’s crew, simplifying underwater maintenance tasks and in emergencies. The ultimate addition to the yacht charter toy range. All this in the lightest and most compact diving system out there.

“PETER Diving System is very useful. Like when you get a rope tangled in the propeller or the rudder. Even to solve a problem with the anchor when you're on a cruise. It's very easy to dive down and fix anything underneath the boat. It is also useful for maintenance duties such as cleaning or inspecting the hull and water intakes. I recommend it to anyone in the yachting world and I consider it an essential in any oceanic journey" Pachi Rivero - Skipper, 3rd in Barcelona World Race 2010-2011.

Become a dealer in 2019

If you have a company with any of the aforementioned profiles and want to start working with PETER Diving System, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our team will be pleased to add value to both our businesses and clients by starting a dealer partnership.

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