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The System
Dive without tanks on your back. Easy as snorkeling, as exciting as SCUBA. Innovation toward simplicity bringing together the safest, lightest, most compact and versatile diving system with endless possible applications.
How does it work?
The PETER Diving system uses compressed air tanks like a SCUBA system but utilises long air lines that allow the tanks to remain on the surface while the divers explore the world below the waves. No need for buoyancy control devices and with the safety that comes from being attached to a floating object on the surface.
Who is it for?
PETER Diving System is simple and ideal for first-time divers as young as eight, also suitable for the elderly and handicapped. Even if you are an experienced snorkeler or diver, you will be surprised at the feeling of freedom & comfort while you dive without tanks on your back.

Additional info

  • The PETER raft features an ergonomic, hydrodynamic and state-of-the art design conceived by renowned naval architects. The PETER raft not only looks attractive but this floating platform offers many advantages and opens up a broad range of new possible applications.
  • The Hose System acts as a depth limiter that can be modulated depending on the dive's purpose. The quick-connectors all are rotary, providing a double safety system that prevents accidental disconnections.
  • The quick-release weight-belt is universal to all body sizes, this belt can be fitted easily to neutralize the human body's natural positive buoyancy, allowing anyone to freely move underwater. In an emergency, the quick-release system allows the diver to drop the weight-belt while keeping their air supply.

FAQ sections

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Dive without tanks on your back

    Diving with no tanks on your back. Safe, easy, light and comfortable.

    The PETER Diving System uses compressed air tanks like the common SCUBA system but with long air tubes that allow the heavy tanks to remain on the surface while the divers explore the world below the waves in complete freedom.

    With no need for buoyancy control devices and with the safety that comes from being attached to a floating object on the surface, this system is extremely simple and ideal for first-time divers.

    Adding the PETER Diving concept to a dive or watersport operation will encourage snorkelers to progress to SCUBA diving via this safe and enjoyable transitional experience. PETER Diving is a safe investment which provides a quick return.

    Without doubt, PETER Diving System is best solution for users of yachts and sailing boats. A complementary leisure item within the range of water toys also serving as a highly useful tool for the ship’s crew, simplifying underwater maintenance tasks and emergencies. The ultimate addition to the yacht charter toy range.

  • PETER Diving System is the safest and easiest diving system.

    Firstly, it must be considered that SCUBA diving is less risky than running a marathon or driving a car.

    PETER Diving System has been thoroughly tried and tested to provide the highest standards of safety.

    The fact that the technology is internationally certified by Bureau Veritas (UNE EN 250:2001) and that there is a specialty certification course for end users, dive masters and instructors make PETER Diving System the only recreational hookah diving system covered by every insurance company (Pantaenius, DAN, DiveAssure, etc.).

    The increased levels of safety come as a result of the technological innovation of each of the exclusively-designed components that pass individually a quality test in the factory before being delivered. The 3 main parts of the system are:

    The Float

    • Designed by renowned naval architects Botín & Partners with slick design and absolute versatility.
    • Rotomoulded in a 3mm-thick continuous layer of polyethylene providing top resistance, durability and “unsinkability”.
    • Yellow colour and dive flag to keep any boats and jetskis away.
    • Anti-tilt stability, even in rough sea conditions.
    • Keeps afloat the air tank and up to 4 persons heads over the water surface.
    • Ergonomic handles on top for surface and below for underwater operations or hanging tools.
    • The lower handles provide full stability when laying on yacht deck and protect the cylinder and valve from any possible shocks.
    • Easy access to cylinder tap from top and below without the need to take the tank outside the float.

    The Hose System

    This acts as a depth limiter. Standard maximum attainable depth is 6m, equal to the depth a human can dive with no risk of suffering decompression sickness (Van Liew & Flynn, 2005). The quick-connectors have a double security system to avoid accidental disconnections.

    High-resistance durable air hoses can be used to ascend or descend and also to perform the “call PETER” action that quickly brings the float above the divers while they ascend to reach the surface.

    • Rotary joints, providing the anti-tangling solution as divers create a little tension when swimming away from the float.
    • Double safety quick-connectors to avoid accidental unplugs and ensure continuous air supply.
    • Modular, easy to configure to fulfill any need (max. depth / no. divers). Adapt it to your needs: limit it to the shallows for the youngest or extend it to retrieve a stuck anchor.
    • Additional buoyancy on heavy parts to keep full system afloat, avoiding tangles with divers and seabed. Also acting as a spring, it cancels any drag tensions on divers.

    The Quick-Release Weight-Belt

    • Anchoring point of hose system in lower back, adjusted to 45º to smooth down drag-force and avoid tangles with fins when swimming in streamline position.
    • Quick-release system to drop the weights and keep the air supply active in case of emergency.
    • Velcro pockets to comfortably carry and exchange weights. Additional weights can be inserted in the remaining belt space.

    Available in two sizes:

    • Large size is universal to most body sizes.
    • Small is available for children or very small persons.

    Our work towards increasing safety will never stop and our innovative spirit is to bring many new upgrades to what today is the safest surface-supply or hookah diving system out in the market.

  • An encounter with marine life for the entire family, in a safe and direct experience that you will never forget

    Click here to find your preferred Authorised PETER Point in the world map. Check them out and book your dive.

  • On-board entertainment, a tool for the crew

    PETER Diving System offers the best on-board entertainment and it is an essential tool for the crew.

    A luxury toy for yachts but also a proven useful tool in maintenance purposes such as hull inspections or cleaning, and without doubt, the best solution for emergencies like a stuck anchor.

    The standard PETER Diving System together with two accessories is the best seller to our yachting clients.

    Thanks to the carbon fiber technology one diving kit for up to 3 simultaneous divers weighs less than 25 Kilograms complete. Two sizes of this exclusive type of cylinder are available (9L & 12L). Compared to a regular tanks they can hold50% more air capacity in less weight and volume, making PETER Diving System the lightest and most compact in the market.

    All tanks available both with CE certifications and European thread type or with DOT & TC certifications and US thread type (subject to stock availability).

    For recreational dive centers and resorts, snorkel tour companies and charters or watersport centres the PETER Tours Kit provides a larger platform with increased buoyancy and stability, more convenient for carrying heavier tanks (up to the 18L steel) and performing larger numbers of introductory dives. Contact us for more information.

  • PETER Diving recommends to dive to a maximum depth of 6 meters (Van Liew & Flynn, 2005) and states that users without experience or certification must always be supervised by a professional with the corresponding certifications.

    That is why the standard maximum depth reached with PETER is 6m. However, being a modular device it can be adapted to dive either shallower or deeper, by setting it up with the right accessories.

    For instance, if you do not want your kids to dive deeper than 1m, just plug in that length of air hose and you will be able to keep an eye on where they are at all times by watching the float. But imagine you drop your old watch down to 15 m. No problem, just plug in several air hoses together and claim it right back from the sea.

    Deep diving is very dangerous and should only be undertaken by experienced and certified divers.

  • Assuming a full tank* and a maximum depth of 6m, the dive time depends on how many divers are connected to one system:

    • 1 diver: 50-120 min.
    • 2 divers: 30-60 min.
    • 3 divers: 20-35 min.

    However, this is a reference since it always depends on the diver’s own air consumption.

    *12L iron cilynder filled to 220 bar or 9L carbon fiber cylinder to 300 bar.

  • Nicely packed in its bag, a PETER Diving System fits the in small storage spaces of yachts and cars.

    Thanks to the carbon fiber technology one diving kit for up to 3 simultaneous divers weighs less than 25 Kilograms complete.

  • Environmental conservation is a priority in our company and we work on this as another department of our business which we named TRITON Project.

    PETER does not directly pollute as it does not use fuel or batteries to work. Yet, manufacturing and logistical processes do. This is why we try our best in optimizing the use of resources.

    We also try to balance the few negative impacts of our production by actively contributing to marine conservation through the TRITON Project. 1% of PETER Diving’s yearly profits are devoted to preserve the seas.

    Additionally, all companies offering PETER Diving Experiences contribute by undertaking volunteering actions for marine conservation or science. This can be anything from cleaning up the debris found in an inlet or harbour, to helping out in a monitoring program by a research institute or authority.

    This means that by buying any of PETER Diving’s services or products, you are helping us keep the oceans healthy.

    Click here to know more about the TRITON Project.

  • PETER Diving states that users without experience or certification must always be supervised by a professional with the corresponding certifications.

    For those certified divers owning a PETER Diving System, the specialty certification course is available at any Authorised PETER Point. This is a requirement for insurance companies to cover all liabilities, including those regarding charter guests (DAN, DiveAssure, Pantaenius).

    No matter your level from Open Water Diver to Instructor, with a short course the safety and operational protocols can be learned to ensure maximum levels of safety and satisfaction.

  • The only daily maintenance that your PETER Diving System needs is a rinse with fresh water to remove sand and seaweed after every dive

    For PETER Diving System owners the full range catalog for spare parts and the technical maintenance manual is available upon request.

  • Anybody is free to dive with PETER Diving System or buy a kit, as it is with any other diving equipment that meets the international standards.

    However, local regulations for recreational diving are different for each region. It is responsibility of the diver to be aware of these laws and fulfill them.

  • Internationally patented, PETER Diving System was invented by Spanish family Escaño, who have always been related to the sea.

    1970 - First idea came about when Mr. Escaño ran a business based on extracting seaweed to market to cosmetic and food production companies.

    1990 - First prototypes created only for the enter- tainment of Mr. Escaño’s son.

    2011 - The PETER Professional was developed as the main tool on board a boat whose purpose was to clean and monitor the sea.

    2013 - Commercial diving operations based on the use of PETER Diving System started to open the door of the underwater world to many people who never thought they would be able to dive, even persons with disabilities. Nowadays, thousands have met marine life and become certified PETER Divers. Their ratings have made PETER Diving climb up to #1 activity in Tripadvi- sor rankings.

    2016 – The final PETER Diving System was launched with the aim of making non-divers passionate about the SCUBA diving and become the best surface-supply or hookah diving system.

    2017 - Many diving and water-sport centres have already opted for the reliability and functional value of the PETER Diving concept, adding it to their range of services. Easily and quickly increase marketing and operational efficiency, opening the possibility to encounter marine life to everyone the safest and easiest way. Same for yacht crews and owners that know how helpful can be to have a unit in case of emergencies and the unforgettable memories that bring to the guests on board.

  • All PETER Diving products come with two years warranty from the date of purchase.

    PETER Diving equipments are top range products, manufactured and ensembled with great care to ensure a long useful life provided they are used carefully and well maintained.

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PETER Diving System