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How does it work

The System
Meet PETER, your diving buddy. A revolutionary multi-user diving system that supplies air from the surface. The safest, easiest, most comfortable and versatile.
How does it work?
The PETER Diving system uses compressed air tanks like a SCUBA system but utilises long air lines that allow the tanks to remain on the surface while the divers explore the world below the waves. No need for buoyancy control devices and with the safety that comes from being attached to a floating object on the surface.
Who is it for?
PETER Diving System is simple and ideal for first-time divers as young as eight, also suitable for the elderly and handicapped. Even if you are an experienced snorkeler or diver, you will be surprised at the feeling of freedom & comfort while you dive without tanks on your backs.
  • The PETER raft features an ergonomic, hydrodynamic and state-of-the art design conceived by renowned naval architects. The PETER raft not only looks attractive but this floating platform offers many advantages and opens up a broad range of new possible applications.
  • The Hose System acts as a depth limiter that can be modulated depending on the dive's purpose. The quick-connectors all are rotary, providing a double safety system that prevents accidental disconnections.
  • The quick-release weight-belt is universal to all body sizes, this belt can be fitted easily to neutralize the human body's natural positive buoyancy, allowing anyone to freely move underwater. In an emergency, the quick-release system allows the diver to drop the weight-belt while keeping their air supply.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Dive with PETER, Dive the easy way

    The PETER Diving System uses compressed air tanks like the common SCUBA system but with long air tubes that allow the heavy tanks to remain on the surface while the divers explore the world below the waves in complete freedom.

    With no need for buoyancy control devices and with the safety that comes from being attached to a floating object on the surface, this system is extremely simple and ideal for first-time divers.

    PETER can also be a great tool for maintenance purposes and in emergencies such as untangling a rope from a propeller. You can even connect pneumatic tools like a polisher to clean the hull of your boat.

    PETER Diving System is the smartest diving system because it is:

    • Safe
    • Comfortable
    • Easy
    • Eco-friendly
    • Light    
    • Good looking!
    • Compact
  • PETER Diving System is the safest and easiest diving system currently in existence.

    Firstly, it should be taken into account that statistically, scuba diving 1 is less risky than running a marathon 2 or driving a regular car 3.

    PETER Diving System is tried and tested. Even insurance companies have lowered their fees for persons diving with PETER as the accident record is zero after thousands of satisfied divers 4.

    Safety comes as a result of the technological innovation of each of the exclusively designed components:

    The Raft 

    • Made out of unsinkable materials. Divers can hold on to it if there is any mishap such as a muscle cramp or a tired diver needing a short rest.
    • Coloured bright yellow and flying the nautical Alfa flag. Meaning "I have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed." So it is almost impossible for a boat not to notice PETER and understand that there are divers below.

    The Hose System

    This acts as a depth limiter. Maximum attainable depth is 6m, equal to the depth a human can dive with no risk of suffering decompression sickness (Van Liew & Flynn, 2005). The quick-connectors have a double security system to avoid accidental disconnections.

    The Quick-Release Weight-Belt

    Universally adjustable for all body sizes, this belt can be fitted easily in order to neutralize the the human body's natural positive buoyancy, allowing anyone to freely move underwater. In an emergency, the quick-release system allows divers to drop the weight-belt while keeping the air supply going.

  • An encounter with marine life for the entire family, in a safe and direct experience that you will never forget

    If you'd just like to have a go, you may try the PETER Diving experience at any PETER Point. Dive centers have been offering guided tours in the Mediterranean since 2013 (Balearic Islands, Spain). More new PETER Points will be opening in 2016 in the Atlantic Ocean (Canary Islands, Spain). Both are located in wonderful diving areas. Soon you will be able to dive in many more PETER Points located in other regions of the world.

    Get to know our client’s ratings and comments, on our Tripadvisor page (search “PETER Diving”).

    Book your dive anytime at any PETER Point by visiting

  • On-board entertainment, a tool for the crew

    Combining the experience gained after thousands of dives, and after endless requests from our clients, we developed a revolutionary diving kit.

    PETER Yacht has been designed as a luxury toy for yachts but has also proven useful as a tool in maintenance purposes and very handy for emergencies like a stuck anchor.

    Three different kits will be launched in January 2016, all including the equipment for two simultaneous divers:

    • PETER Yacht Basic: no cylinder included in case you want to use your own.
    • PETER Yacht Steel: includes a 12L stainless steel air tank.
    • PETER Yacht Carbon: includes a 9L carbon fiber cylinder and the exclusive automatic alarm. Definitely the smartest, lightest and most compact diving system on the market.

    For recreational dive or watersport centres the model PETER Tours provides a larger platform, more convenient for carrying heavier tanks (usualy 15L steel) and performing larger numbers of introductory dives. Contact us for more information.

  • Scientist have shown that 6 mtrs is the deepest a diver can go without the risk of suffering decompression sickness (VanLiew & Flynn, 2005). That is why the standard maximum depth reached with PETER is 6m. However, PETER is a modular device so it can be adapted to dive either shallower or deeper, by setting it up with the right accessories.

    For instance, if you do not want your kids to dive deeper than 1m, just plug in that length of air hose and you will be able to keep an eye on where they are at all times by watching the float. But imagine you drop your old watch down to 15 m. No problem, just plug in several air hoses together and claim it right back from the sea.

    Deep diving is very dangerous and should only be undertaken by experienced and certified divers.

  • Assuming a full tank* and a maximum depth of 6m, the dive time depends on how many divers are connected to one system:

    • 1 diver: 50-120 min.
    • 2 divers: 30-60 min.
    • 3 divers: 20-35 min.

    However, it always depends on the diver’s own air consumption.

    PETER is simpler, lighter, and more compact than any other multi-user diving system.

    *12L iron cilynder filled to 220 bar or 9L carbon fiber cylinder to 300 bar.

  • Because PETER is a multi-user diving system and the most simple one in existence, its weight and volume is less than any other.

    For conventional scuba diving, each diver needs to wear an inflatable vest and a tank plus all the accessories and extra weights, all together around 30 kilograms 1 . A PETER unit for up to 3 persons including the tank also weighs about 30 kilograms. So Peter is up to 3 times lighter per diver.

    The size reduction is similar. The size of a PETER equipment set for 3 divers can be fitted in the same bag as the SCUBA equipment for 1 person. This reduces the volume of equipments by up to 66% per diver.

    12 liter tank, iron

    9 liter tank, carbon fiber

  • Environmental conservation is a priority in our company.

    PETER does not directly pollute as it does not use fuel or batteries to work. Yet, manufacturing and logistical processes do. This is why we try our best in optimizing the use of resources.

    We also try to balance the few negative impacts of our production by actively contributing to marine conservation through the TRITON Project. 1% of PETER Diving’s yearly profits are devoted to preserve the seas.

    Additionally, all companies offering PETER Diving tours contribute every year by undertaking one volunteer action for marine conservation. This can be anything from cleaning up the debris found in an inlet or harbour, to helping out in a monitoring program by a research institute or authority.

    This means that by buying any of PETER Diving’s services or products, you are helping us keep the oceans healthy.

  • Everyone can dive with PETER from the first time they try it. Visit PETER Diving’s Tripadvisor page, ranked as top activity in Mallorca (Spain), to get to know the experience lived by already-certified PETER Divers.

    Only basic swimming skills are required. Kids, the elderly and even the physically or mentally challenged can safely feel the freedom of breathing underwater with PETER.

    • PETER Handi is our social commitment project. After hundreds of successful experiences diving with persons with disabilities, it was decided that every year and in every PETER Point around the world, PETER Diving will be inviting many of those who thought they would never be able to experience the wonder of diving.
  • The only maintenance your PETER Diving system needs is a simple rinse with fresh water to remove sand and seaweed after every dive.

  • Anybody is free to dive with PETER Diving System or buy a kit, as it is with any other diving equipment that meets the international standards.

    However, local regulations for recreational diving are different for each region. It is responsibility of the diver to be aware of these laws and fulfill them.

  • Internationally patented, PETER Diving System was invented by Spanish family Escaño, who have always been related to the sea.

    1970’s - First idea came about when Mr. Escaño ran a business based on extracting seaweed to market to cosmetic and food production companies.

    1990’s - First prototypes created only for the enter- tainment of Mr. Escaño’s son.

    2011 - The PETER Professional was developed as the main tool on board a boat whose purpose was to clean and monitor the sea.

    2013 - Commercial diving operations based on the use of PETER Diving System started to open the door of the underwater world to many people who never thought they would be able to dive, even persons with disabilities. Nowadays, thousands have met marine life and become certified PETER Divers. Their ratings have made PETER Diving climb up to #1 activity in Tripadvi- sor rankings.

    2016 - PETER Yacht will be launched with the aim of becoming the best on-board entertainment tool, but also bringing solutions to yacht maintenance and emergency duties.

  • All PETER Diving products come with two years warranty from the date of purchase.

    PETER Diving equipments are top range products, manufactured and ensembled with great care to ensure a long useful life provided they are used carefully and well maintained.

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PETER Diving System