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If you would like to enjoy the PETER Diving Experience you can already do so in some of the best diving locations. There are presently PETER Points in many of the favourite destinations for divers around the world.

If you would like to dive in Europe with our system, you can do so in a range of places. In the Mediterranean you might choose the unforgettable experience of getting to know the sea-beds of Cap de Creus at the hands of Euro-Divers Cala Joncols.

This is a nature reserve with crystal-clear water in which divers can enjoy wonderful corals and a broad display of the Mediterranean sea’s marine wildlife, such as the langosta lobster, grouper fish, conger eel, pelagic species… it is even possible to see shipwrecks at shallow depth.

A few hundred kilometres away lie two other PETER Points in a legendary enclave and one of the most desirable locations for diving in the entire Mediterranean. This is Mallorca, where you can dive at two different locations: PETER Diving Punta Negra and Actionsport Mallorca Pro Dive.

The practice of snorkelling and diving in Mallorca is very common due to the clear visibility in its waters, its near-mythical caves, its extensive variety of marine species and the rest of shipwrecks that are hiding beneath the sea.

If what you prefer is to dive in the waters of the Atlantic, we promise you an unforgettable experience in the Canaries. Specifically, PETER Diving System is present on the island of Lanzarote, in the professional hands of Native Diving. A real treat for the senses with its especially lively volcanic sea-beds.

Across the pond, the Caribbean is the quintessential destination for lovers of diving and snorkelling. Under the guidance of Dressel Divers, we have PETER Points in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Also in Mexico, you can dive with Cozumel Diving & Parasailing.

It is well known that the Caribbean is the most popular place in the world for diving, and exploring its waters truly is, an experience. Coral fish, manta rays, dolphins, tortoises, corals... an absolute delight for the senses, and one you can enjoy a lot more thanks to the freedom of movement offered by PETER Diving System.

If you prefer to dive in the Maldives with our system, this is also possible, offering you the cahnce to enjoy this paradisiacal setting without carrying a heavy air-tank on your shoulders. PETER is available at Holiday Inn, Kandooma, in the care of Euro-Divers. On this island with turquoise waters and white sand, we are confident that diving in the Pacific Ocean will be an unforgettable time.

All PETER Points feature certified guides who endorse correct performance of the system and the enjoyment of a safe diving experience.

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PETER Diving System