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India is an exceedingly beautiful and diverse country, with one of the richest histories and cultures of anywhere in the world. India is the second most populous country in the world and is the seventh biggest in size. India has 8000 kilometres/5000 miles of coastline as well as islands renowned for their diving sights. Both the mainland and the surrounding islands offer an amazing variety of sea life and underwater features. 

Diving in India 

There are many different locations to dive from in India. From Goa on the West Coast, the remote archipelago of Lakshadweep off the southeastern coast and many islands in the Andaman and Arabian Seas. Also, inland there are many dive shops and schools perfect for giving diving a go including the PETER Diving System, including our latest PETER Point in Mumbai

Sights include a huge variety of shipwrecks, beautiful coral gardens and for explorers there is extensive unexplored and untouched reefs. There is everything from big fish, colourful reefs, swim-throughs, white-tip reef, grey reef to guitar sharks. India truly has phenomenal underwatwer diversity. Around the coast, it is also possible to find the typical Indian Ocean reef fish, as well as groupers and turtles. 

All of southern India is within the tropics, so generally it's hot year-round. Water temperatures average 27-28°C (80-82°F) in the water around Goa, Lakshadweep and the Andaman Islands. Off Goa, the visibility can be expecting to range from 5-11 metres (15-35 feet). 

Choosing PETER Diving

PETER Diving System is the solution that lies half way between both snorkelling and traditional diving and is enjoying widespread acclaim among divers of all expertise levels and from all around the world. 

What are you waiting for to come and revel in the exploration of India with PETER Diving. Find your nearest PETER Point and off into the water you go!


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