PETER Diving System

PETER Diving System is a ground-breaking system for multi-user diving that supplies air from the surface for a safe, easy and comfortable diving experience

  • PETER Diving System offers a rendez-vous with underwater wildlife through a direct experience in which one can enjoy diving with complete confidence and peace of mind.

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  • Many diving and water-sport centres have already opted for the reliability and functional value of the PETER Diving concept, adding it to their range services.

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  • The best solution for users of yachts and sailing boats. A highly useful tool for the ship’s crew, simplifying the various maintenance tasks, also serving as a complementary leisure item within the range of water toys.

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satisfied customers
  • Best experience ever! Don't miss out!
    On just my second day in Mallorca I made one of my dreams come true. PETER Diving was definitely the right choice for me as an unexperienced diver.  A must, if you visit Mallorca in Summer! The Mediterranean does not have that much colourful fi…
    Ben P
    Perth, Australia
  • Like SCUBA but more fun and less scary.
    Amazing diving experience, found it so much easier and less intimidating than SCUBA. The system is great and even the kids could jump straight in with minimal instruction, the instructors were professional and we felt safe and looked after, thro…
  • A great introduction to diving.
    For anyone who wants to try diving but is a bit intimidated by the equipment, this is the perfect introduction. The instructors are really helpful and it is so easy! You really do get to spend all your time in the water enjoying what you can see rath…
    Newcastle, Reino Unido
  • Amazing!!
    Diving with Peter is a really unique experience. We stayed at H10 hotel for a week (two certified divers and two non-certified divers) and we couldn't get enough of Peter, we did a total of 3 dives each and would have done more if we had had the …
    Mike B
    Kaohsiung, Taiwán
  • Life Changing Experience
    We have just returned from a fantastic few hours with Mario at Peter Diving at the Hotel H10. What an experience. We varied in age from 18 to 72 and would fully recommend this trip without a doubt. We booked the trip directly with Peter Diving as we …
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PETER Diving System