PETER Diving System

Triton Project

We understand that respect for life and the ocean is essential to the planet’s survival and for fostering sustainable enjoyment of the seas”.

PETER Diving is very committed to the environment and to marine conservation. As such, we decided from our very inception to establish a project with which we would contribute our grain of sand in the conservation of the ocean floors that play an essential role in our activity and for life on the planet.

The TRITON Project is part of our pledge of sustainability and respect for sea-life. Through this initiative, we allocate 1% of our profits to various organisations and international collectives working in and devoted to caring for the oceans. Our commitment is an essential part of our corporate culture, our defining brand values and of our part played in the global ecosystem as human beings.

Besides financial donations, we take part in voluntary activities whenever chances arise and we also offer PETER Diving System equipment sets to any organisation working in marine conservation that can find an application for the concept in its scientific method.

At PETER Diving we understand that respect for life and the ocean is essential to the planet’s survival, as well as for fostering sustainable enjoyment of the seas.

As divers we must understand what a beautiful yet extremely fragile habitat, entails. Over the past few years, this entire ecosystem has been posed with numerous threat factors which are altering the global equilibrium.

It is up to us to provide any and all possible collaboration toward ending the danger that is affecting the lives of every species, including our own.

If we continue obliterating the oceans as we have until now, we will face an ecological, social and economic crisis of inconceivable proportions.

Small gestures help to preserve the environment, such as avoiding the use of plastics, taking care of beaches by removing the rubbish, practicing water sport activities by the sea which are sustainable and above all, opting for education and raising of awareness regarding the importance of caring for the sea.

Every contribution is important, so the design of PETER Diving was also conceived to make dives more sustainable, so that we may always enjoy free and healthy oceans.

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PETER Diving System