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Just some miles east off the coast of Florida and north from Cuba the third largest barrier reef is found: The Bahamas. With a complicated past defending its nation from pirates and slave ships, the nation became independent in 1973. Surely you will enjoy getting to know the rich mixed cultural background but in every island you will find infinite pink and white sand beaches to chill down after diving.

Bahamas is known for its healthy coral reefs but also for offering the best shark diving in the world. It does not end there, the Bahamas also provide divers with an array of stunning walls. If you choose a point at sea anywhere along the 700 cays and islands running from the northern tip in Grand Bahama to the southern end in Great Inagua, you have a 100% chances to find a dive site worth visiting. 

Many of these dive spots are found in not too deep waters, ideal for beginners! Actually, Christopher Columbus gave name to this paradise-like archipelago after the shallow seas surrounding these islands.  "Baja mar" means low tide in Spanish.

Bahamas has endless dive attractive but as a summary these are the highlights: Deeper experiences at the top dive site Andros Wall where rare marine life can be fond swimming along impressive canyons. Pelagic species like the Silky Shark are always floating below the Shark Buoy one hour sail into the open ocean from New Providence, with Nassau as the main city. If you are ready for an intense adrenaline rush, Tiger Beach in Grand Bahama is where you can kneel in the sand before facing a Tiger Sharks. One of the fastest drift dives you can find in the Bahamas are in Eleuthera and Harbor Island. The Gulf Stream cruises through Bimini attracting hammerheads and bull sharks.

We must highlight some other species endemic from the Bahamas that you should not miss out!  While beautiful dolphins and whales cruise around,  pay attention to the gigantic Nassau Grouper. Usually around it are their cleaning fish, the Wrasse, which offers this service in exchange for protection. You can also find in the sandy bottoms another giant, a mollusk named Queen Conch. If you are lucky enough you will get to see the march of the Spiny Lobsters where they all migrate together running on the sandy seabed in the shallows.

Finally, it is recommended to visit Bahamas between October to June, as the summer is season for hurricanes. Also, this period is the best for shark diving. Without doubt the best time is November to May, with the best conditions and the peak for shark sighting.

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