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PETER Diving is proud to now be available on MY Sweet Escape, a magnificent 40-meter super yacht based out of the Bahamas. Offering space for up to 12 guests in 6 staterooms, chartering Sweet Escape is a truly unique experience. With all the amenities of a five-star hotel, the culinary delights of a Michelin-starred restaurant and 7–8 specialized crew solely dedicated to helping guests enjoy the waterborne experiences of their dreams, Sweet Escape delivers the most exclusive and personalized style of vacation on earth, customizing every last detail to their guests.  

MY Sweet Escape has a truly unbelievable selection of water sport toys onboard for their guests to enjoy. To name only a few: a jet boat, a towed tender, 2 jet skis, a jet ski with flyboard, a giant water slide, several seabobs, a jetsurf, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, water skis, wakeboard, fishing gear, SCUBA gear and now their latest addition, PETER Diving System! It goes without saying that the crew onboard Sweet Escape know how to cater to guests seeking fun in the water and their extensive watersports experience and personability make them the perfect crew to Try PETER Diving

One of the many reasons are proud to be working with MY Sweet Escape is because of their Green initiatives. Sweet Escape has made significant efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Rare for a vessel this size, she has a black-water treatment facility, which allows her to safely treat black water waste to be disposed of properly. Additionally, disposable items are kept to a minimum (i.e., no plastic straws), and their state-of-the-art water treatment plant allows them to produce our own drinking water, helping reduce the use of plastic bottles while on board. At PETER Diving we have great respect for these types of considerations and we run our own marine preservation project, Triton Project.

Diving around Nassau

Albany Marina is located in Nassau. Bahamas is known for its healthy coral reefs but also for offering the best shark diving in the world. There is an endless array of vibrant marine life to spot around the island. Beautiful dolphins and whales cruise around, as well the the gigantic Nassau Grouper. Usually around it are their cleaning fish, the Wrasse, which offers this service in exchange for protection. You can also find in the sandy bottoms another giant, a mollusk named Queen Conch. For the lucky and adventurous it is also possible to see the march of the Spiny Lobsters where they all migrate together running on the sandy seabed in the shallows. Many of these dive spots are found in not too deep waters, ideal for beginners and perfect for diving with PETER Diving System. Be sure to check our other PETER Points in the Bahamas and elsewhere. 

With PETER Diving 

PETER Diving System is a perfect addition to the toy range onboard MY Sweet Escape. Blurring the boundary between snorkelling and scuba diving it makes the underwater world more accessible for everyone, no matter age or ability. 

With their friendly crew and amazing itineraries, using PETER Diving System with MY Sweet Escape ensures that you have a top quality diving experience. We invite you to explore the exciting underwater world of Nassau, let Sweet Escape turn your next diving adventure into an unforgettable memory!

Albany Marina,
The Bahamas 
Tel. +1 242 424 7709

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