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To be completely sure of offering people nothing less than an unforgettable diving experience and an amazing service, only the best shops around the world are selected by PETER Diving as its partners. That’s why Vellmari is more than a simple diving center: it is an important name with a huge reputation in the world of scuba diving and marine conservation. With almost 30 years of activity and tens of thousands divers helped to discover the beautiful underwater world of Formentera, Vellmari tries every single day to improve its top notch services to satisfy its customers, creating every year new ways to allow them to enjoy diving and recognize its great beauty. Awarded many times for its commitment to marine conservation with prizes like the Project Aware PADI awards, the Posidonia 2016 Prize, the Daily Ibiza Award and the 2016 Mediterranean Prize, Vellmari is with no doubt one of the most famous ambassadors of the sea and the best place to discover your passion for scuba diving.

Vellmari centre is located in a town on the front line of the Marina of Formentera, a cozy marina in the last untouched Mediterranean paradise, with its diving boats docked just 10 meters away from the center of the town. The daily dives are carried out within the Ses Salines Natural Park, where divers can observe unique and wonderful Posidonia meadows in excellent health: its green leaves and annual flowering make these reefs, creating an ecosystem of incalculable biological value, able to charm even the most seasoned diver.

Formentera, with it’s unbelievable variety of underwater landscapes and shallow waters, is undoubtedly one of the best places to shorten the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving with the PETER Diving System, the easiest method to really discover the underwater paradise of the island with maximum freedom and safety. Come join us and glide together over large banks of salps, obladas and castanets in the Arco or Cala Sahona, two beautiful dive sites with a maximum depth of 6 meters ideal for diving with the PETER diving system.

Marine Conservation

Vellmari firmly believes that the underwater world is a treasure that must be protected and taken care of, so the diving centre amd it's owners Manu San Felix and Cristina Ozores  have been working actively since its opening in the conservation of the marine environment. Among the most outstanding programs in which they participate are the National Geographic "Pristine Seas", the Cartography of Posidonia, Cousteau Divers, the Project of Breeding of Seahorses in Captivity, "02 PosiLAB" and "Diving with Posi", two awareness programs to teach children the importance of guarding the sea and its inhabitants. Vellmari is also part of PETER Diving’s initiative for marine conservation, the renowned Project TRITON.

Inclusive diving

With a special boat adapted for people with functional diversity, professional divers trained and certified by the Association of Diver with Disability (IAHD) and with the best tool for adapted diving in the PETER diving system, Vellmari offers the chance for diving and discovery of the hidden parts of the sea for all  people with no exceptions, taking active participation in the program PETER Handi that promotes inclusive and therapeutic diving.

Marina de Formentera, 14
07870 La Savina 
Tel. +34 971322105 

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