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Curaçao is an island paradise in the Dutch Antilles located 65km front the Venezuelan Coast in the Southern Caribbean and the ''C" of the ABC islands.

Like many Caribbean islands Curaçao was colonised by the Spanish, British and French but predominantly the Dutch and was established as a hub for trade, in particular the slave trade as well as piracy. This resulted in the creation of a great deal of wealth on the island which can be seen still illustrated by the grand colonial buildings in the capital Willemstad, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Being occupied by so many nations over the centuries has left Curaçao with a diverse culture that makes exploring the island a unique experience. 

Things to do in Curaçao

If you are looking for culture and colour on your Curaçao holiday the capital Willemstad is the perfect city to explore and enjoy a mix of attractive architecture, boutiques, museums and cafes. One of the most popular attractions in Willemstad is the Queen Emma Bridge, a unique swinging pontoon bridge. Try to see it by night when it is illuminated with colourful archways of lights. 

Besides Willemstad and like many other Caribbean island holiday destinations most activities for holiday makers centre around the sea and beautiful beaches. The waters are shallow and beaches sandy,  perfect for families with children.

Curaçao is situated on the South American Continental Shelf, it's waters and bays are rich in natural minerals and healthy coral reefs. The north of the island is ringed by a steep drop off only 60m from shore known as the "Blue Edge" making many dive and snorkeling sites easily accessible from Curaçao's beautiful beaches.

For years divers in the know have been flocking to this Caribbean Island why not join them and see what diving in Curaçao is all about?

Diving in Curaçao

Curaçao boasts one of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean. The Superior Producer is a sunken ship, 60m in length lying upright at 30m depth allowing for penetration of its wheelhouse and cargo holds, a fantastic experience for wreck diving enthusiasts.

Marine life is abundant all around the island. Reefs consist of healthy fans, gorgonians, giant sponges, anemones and much more. In addition to colourful reef fish you are likely to spot turtles, nurse sharks, schools of barracuda, rays and even dolphins and pilot whales. 

Being outside of the Caribbean's hurricane belt means that the beauty of Curaçao can be enjoyed all year round. Rainy season between December and March brings a brief daily downpour but water temperatures remain warm and diving in Curaçao is consistently good any month of the year.

If you are looking to try something different on your holiday in Curaçao and maybe discover a new passion for the underwater world you can try diving with the PETER Diving System in Curaçao with Duikcentrum Van de Ven. 

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