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Sagres is one of the best places to dive in the Portuguese Algarve. Its quiet waters, with underwater caverns and an enormous variety of sub-aquatic plant and wildlife, make this enclave one of the preferred locations for divers in Portuguese waters.

In this region of the Atlantic ocean it is possible to find moray eels, dolphins, octopuses, crabs, etc. A broad representation of the marine life concentrated in the south of Portugal.

PETER Diving is available there under the guidance of Pura Vida Divehouse. A different kind of diving centre that opts for a sustainable lifestyle where one can enjoy a comprehensive and unforgettable experience.

Sagres is a municipality that has preserved its unalterable charm, but it also features all of the tourism-related services needed to make the diver’s visit a unique experience.

Pura Vida Divehouse has created a well-rounded project that has opted for accommodation with a casual and friendly atmosphere, in which the diver can find rest and repose besides enjoying activities in the sea and in nature.

Within its broadly-ranging programme of sea activities, even featuring yoga classes, Pura Vida Divehouse has integrated PETER Diving System due to its enormous potential for the practice of diving in the area, its simplicity of use and of course, for its sustainability.

PETER Diving offers an alternative to the other diving modalities such as SCUBA diving or snorkelling. It is a system that allows people of all ages and those with impaired mobility to dive without need for previous experience, thereby perfectly suited to this concept of sustainable and family-friendly tourism in Sagres.

The Atlantic awaits you with the chance to dive with PETER Diving in these marine sea-beds where one is able to see numerous Atlantic plant and wildlife species with which to enjoy the full freedom of our innovative diving system.

Rua da Pedra Negra,
Baleeira 8650-362 Sagres Portugal
Tel.(+35) 1913 210 716
Tel.(+35) 1918 426 721

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