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PETER Diving has reached Portugal, a place where it is worth enjoying a dive and finding out first hand, all that the Atlantic Ocean has hiding beneath its waters.

The Algarve, especially the area comprised of the Albufeira and Sagres, is a location that is ideal for initiation into diving, as it is sheltered from the might of the Atlantic, making the PETER Diving alternative a great leisure choice for people who decide to visit this region of Portugal.

The water’s temperature in this area is a little colder, but near-constant throughout the year, with typical temperatures having the narrow range of 14ºC to 22ºC. As for visibility, it is usually between 6 to 10 metres, although it often reaches 20 metres in wave-protected areas.

Another of Portugal’s best spaces for diving are the Azores islands. This archipelago is known for its good temperatures and has waters with truly exceptional visibility which may reach 60 metres in optimal conditions. In these waters it is easy to find blue whales or makos, whale sharks, manta rays... and an endless array of marine wildlife, as its seabeds are inhabited by over 3000 different species and 24 species of whale, a true marvel for lovers of diving.

Madeira is another of the nation’s benchmarks for diving. The archipelago boasts great wealth beneath its waters. Shipwrecks, underwater caves and marine reserves make this place highly appealing for divers of all experience levels.

There are numerous diving centres in these areas, where it possible to practice snorkelling or traditional diving, and now one can also enjoy the fabulous experience of a dive with PETER Diving System, the solution that lies half way between both systems and which is enjoying widespread acclaim among divers of all expertise levels and from all around the world.  

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