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Diving in Mallorca is a dream for all lovers of the sea and of diving. Its shores are bathed with crystal-clear waters and for many years now, it has been among the preferred diving destinations in the Mediterranean by virtue of its geological formations and ideal climate conditions.

Enjoying a unique experience in the one of the privileged locations of the Mediterranean is possible. Whether you wish to dive as a family, or you have no experience, or are an expert diver and would like to try a new way of immersing yourself in the sea with all the freedom and light-weight sensation of not having to wear an air tank on your back, PETER Diving System is perfect for you and Mallorca without a doubt, the idyllic place to launch into a new adventure.

The Mediterranean island’s waters are outstanding for their peaceful, crystal-clear waters, with visibility that on calm days may reach up to an astonishing 50 metres’ distance. Water temperature varies considerably, depending on the time of year. While in the winter it is at an average 13º, in summer it reaches as high as 29º.

The underwater landscapes it offers are very diverse. There are caverns in its seabeds, reefs, varied plant and wildlife, and even archaeological remains. To be highlighted among the largest species are its groupers, moray eels, congers, etc., yet there are numerous no-less interesting smaller species.

Now you can enjoy all of this natural treasure with PETER Diving System, because it is safe, fun, affordable and requires very little time for learning. It is as such, the perfect experience for completing your visit to Mallorca.

Who would give up the chance to discover the underwater treasures of Mallorca in such an easy manner and with all of the freedom provided by the fact that there is no need to carry a compressed air cylinder, allowing for care-free and unrestrained roaming of its seabeds?

Enjoy Mallorca and feel all of its underwater magic with PETER Diving System. Several points on the island are waiting for you to choose the one best suited to your preferences.  

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PETER Diving System