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PETER Diving Center Punta Negra

PETER Diving Punta Negra is located in Hotel H10 Punta Negra of Calvià and is the brand’s centrally iconic PETER Point, as it is the world-wide front-runner in the this concept for diving.

Throughout its timeline, our operation in Calvià has received great reviews from all those who have experienced the unbeatable sensation of breathing under water with great freedom and commence diving with this family-friendly and easy-to-use system that always happily ensures success.

The Hotel H10 Punta Negra facilities and its private access to the beaches where we set out from on dives with PETER Diving System, are magnificent as they are fully integrated in the surrounding Mediterranean environment and offer privacy in comparison with the rest of tourist centres around the island. Also, the town of Calviá is located right by the Tramuntana Mountain Range and offers many quality tourist activities besides diving.

Outings are begun from a closed inlet that offers the best possible conditions even on days when a strong wind is blowing, allowing us to head out for a dive all year around. As for its seabeds and despite their shallow depths (6 to 9m at most), it is truly interesting as there is a highly diverse seabed: from sandy areas with seaweed patches to rocky depths where very interesting structures await with caves to pop into and greet the marine inhabitants. These conditions make diving with the PETER Diving system highly recommendable.

There is a marked presence on both sides, of plant and wildlife but with great contrast from one to the other due to the contrast in seabeds that we refer to. Make the most of your holiday and revel in this splendid diving spot in Calvià, live the PETER Diving Experience.

Hotel H10 Punta Negra
Calle Punta Negra, 12
07181 Calviá, Islas Baleares
Tel. (+34) 971 752 026

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