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World-wide known for its ancient culture, Egypt takes the imagination of the traveller on a journey to places that other destinations can't. 

The Egypt below the surface does not disappoint either with a stunning biodiversity thriving within their healthy and colourful coral reefs where divers of all levels can enjoy the diving.

When we say high level of biodiversity, we mean it: more than 200 species of hard and soft coral and over 1,000 species of invertebrates. Lots of fish too, more than 1,100 species of which a fifth are endemic to the Red Sea meaning that this is a very special diving destination, with many species that can't be seen anywhere else in the world.

For diving beginners there are house reefs bursting with colourful fish and visits from rays, turtles and dolphins. The Red Sea also boasts a wide variety of wrecks and drift dives to suit the more experienced divers, with immense vertical coral walls from which hammerhead sharks and other big pelagics can be spotted.

The Red Sea is named after the blooming events of red algae that occur every now and then. The water is warm, if not the warmest, allowing divers to be free of too much equipment and neoprene wetsuits. Usually with no wave action and magnificent visibility conditions.

On land, many Egyptian historic and archeological sites are nearby the diving areas, making it very easy to split the holiday over different locations to enjoy both land and underwater treasures hidden in this ancient territory.

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PETER Diving System