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Mexico is one of the most complete diving destinations in the world. The country features over 12,000 kilometres of shores bathed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. The surrounding currents are laden with nourishment for their wildlife, making diving in its waters a true wonder, due to the quantity of species one has the possibility of spotting.

In the sea’s depths one finds incredible geological formations and reefs filled with life. Coloured fish, sharks, whales, tortoises, endlessly long reefs in warm waters, all of which make Mexico a quintessential destination for lovers of diving.

Both more experienced divers and beginners have much to see in its sea floors. The practice of traditional diving and snorkelling have been very widespread for decades now, and now the possibility also exists, of enjoying the PETER Diving experience in this paradise setting.

Its unique characteristics make our diving system an excellent method choice for immersing oneself in the joy of Mexico’s waters, without any need for previous diving experience nor having to carry heavy air-cylinders on one’s back.

In Mexico it is possible to dive all year around, as the water’s temperature oscillates from 26 to 29 degrees centigrade. Furthermore, its crystal-clear waters offer excellent visibility levels, especially in the Cozumel region.

Depending on which area you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy a stronger current, but in general the ocean currents in the main diving areas are soft, with reefs that are not very deep and will allow you to marvel at the chromatics of its numerous fish species.

The most outstanding diving areas in this country also offer many further opportunities to their visitors, and have already become important tourist regions, which include all sorts of services for the diver to be able to enjoy a comprehensive experience.

What are you waiting for to come and revel in the exploration of the Mexican coast with PETER Diving? Find your nearest PETER Point and off into the water you go!

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