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The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the main places in the world in which one should go diving at least once. They are renowned worldwide for their fabulous year-round climate, but also for the wealth of underwater biodiversity. The waters around the archipelago offer a great visibility that can reach up to 30 metres and has extensive volcanic seabed filled with exuberant marine life.

With the twists and bends, grottos, reefs, areas of great depth and other flatter expanses it is no mystery why various areas of Lanzarote, El Hierro and La Palma have attained designation as a Marine Nature Reserve.

Its waters are always at around 20ºC (70°F), a pleasant temperature that leads countless species to choose the Canary Islands as their home. In fact, the Canary Islands are considered as a true cetacean sanctuary, as it is very common to see dolphins and whales near the coast. Up to 26 different species of cetaceans (toothed whales) live around the Canary Islands, which has made the islands one of the preferred destinations in Europe for the sighting of these animals.

In the Canary Islands there also lives a shark currently at risk of extinction, the angelshark, which can be spotted in shallow-depth dive outings.

With the PETER Diving System 

PETER Diving is also present on the Canary archipelago. The Canary Islands are a very popular diving destination both for beginners and for highly experienced divers, with everyone being able to benefit from the particular attributes of the PETER Diving Experience.

With only 10 minutes of instruction and under the guidance of a qualified PETER instructor, you’ll enjoy an experience of absolute freedom, thanks to the equipment’s simple design and straight-forward method of use. Forget about carrying a compressed air tank on your back, and feel all of the magic of the Canaries’ seabeds.

The depths and arrangement of the reefs in the Canary Islands make it perfect for the PETER Diving System. Diving in the Canary Islands is the way to be sure that you will far away from the crowds and immerse yourself in an authentic adventure. We gladly await your visit to any of the PETER Points on the islands, for your chance to experience an unforgettable adventure. Go ahead and book your PETER Diving Experience today! 


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PETER Diving System