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Long winter is past, let's dive!

06 March 2019
Long winter is past, let's dive!

A long Winter campaign that started early last Summer, with much effort invested in reaching out to all diving and yachting companies in the US and Caribbean markets before our first exhibition at DEMA Show, the most renowned diving trade show which took place in Las Vegas in mid-November 2018.

Right after that, we had little rest before our 4th exhibition at Düsseldorf's BOOT, by far the largest watersport show on Earth and the longest we know of – 9 days in total, in which there is plenty of time to meet and greet everyone in the European, Middle-Eastern & African diving markets.

Then, our brand was presented in both the Diving MENA Expo in United Arab Emirates and the Eurasian Boat Show in Turkey by our distributors.

Show season is finally over and our company could not be more satisfied with the results. Here is a short summary and some interesting information for diving companies and centers:

Diving market

During last year many diving centers world-wide have adopted PETER Diving System, integrating this valuable asset to their businesses. You may find this growing list of Authorised PETER Points in our world map.

The value proposal of PETER Diving System for recreational diving operations has reached a level of maturity to be acknowledged by all players in this industry, from the most relevant training agencies to insurance companies as well as every other type of diving operation. Watch Sun Siyam Diving staff training in Maldives.

The alignment with the international standards of safety and training (WRSTC) makes possible that our training outline is available at the international training agencies, ultimately incorporating PETER Diving System to bridge snorkeling with SCUBA diving.

It was one of the most innovative that I have found in recent years. Finally someone has created a product that is safe, practical and designed specifically for this type of activity. All I have seen until I found PETER Diving System were products made in a garage by an amateur. What is also very important to us, apart from quality, is that there is a strict learning and maintenance system what makes this activity presentable for hotel resorts with which we work and also the insurance companies.” José Valverde, CEO Euro-divers World-wide.

It seems that finally, surface-supply diving or ‘hookah diving’ as North Americans call it, is becoming part of the recreational diving educational sequence.

However, hookah diving is not new in the recreational diving education as there are agencies that have one step in their first Open Water Diver certification course that includes diving with hookah systems. The aim of this is to make sure that the beginner students understand the concept of neutral buoyancy in the human body before adding the cylinder to the equation, which changes density while the air pressure goes low along with its consumption during a dive.

Contrary to what most SCUBA professionals think, PETER Diving System is not a substitute for other diving products, actually it encourages snorkelers to progress to SCUBA via a safe and enjoyable transitional experience, ultimately adding value to an operation that already works.

We have learnt so much during this last two years. From meeting all players in the diving market at the shows and from the feedback of our customers and experts in recreational diving. This learning has brought us closer to reach excellent customer service.

The post-sale has been optimised. Now with a full technical maintenance manual and spare part catalog, as well as a package adapted for children from 8 to 12 years old. The latter consisting in a set of smaller weight-belts and a hose system that limits their maximum depth to 3m. Everything is covered.

However, our team is restless and will never stop finding innovative technological solutions to increase the safety and usability value of PETER Diving System. We are proud to announce that in our next exhibition at DEMA Show to be held in Orlando (US) this November, our company will be publishing at least one exciting new device to avoid the need of the diving guide to ascend with the clients to check the air in the pressure gauge air cylinder floating in the surface. Stay tuned!

Finally, our team feels proud to hear that our diving center clients break even in just a few days and instantly feel the added value of accessing new target groups with ease (non-divers), adding a completely new revenue stream at the same time that they reduce their operational efforts and costs, and most importantly, create new SCUBA divers loyal to the industry.

Last but not least, Authorised PETER Points become the best points of sale for PETER Diving System products, and they get permanent special net prices so they are not only customers from us but our dealers granted the best terms possible.

Today our products can be purchased at any Authorised PETER Point where their staff will be pleased to take those interested on a test dive, offer training and give the best advise. They dive with PETER Diving System every day so they know all the bits and tricks to perform efficient, safe and satisfactory dives with it.

You can download this presentation to understand quickly and graphically the business model for a diving center, but also for any watersport center, yacht charter, and a long list of additional business profiles that can benefit from working with PETER Diving System.

Let's create new loyal divers together

If you are a trade diving company or run a diving operation and want to start working with PETER Diving System, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us.

Our team will be pleased to find the best way of adding value to your clients and companies.

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