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The forgotten recreational diving system

04 April 2019
The forgotten recreational diving system

The forgotten recreational diving system

Most people think that Surface-supply diving or hookah diving is a new invention, but in fact hookah diving started centuries ago.

The first documented diving dress was developed in Spain in 1602 by military engineer Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont, in the same country as PETER Diving System was born.

Nowadays, the primary use of Surface-supply diving is for commercial divers to undertake heavy operations like moulding and other underwater construction works. However, until recently Surface-supply diving has not gained much popularity for recreational use.

Today there is less than 5 system manufacturers for recreational use in the international markets. All of these work with compressor sets on inflatable floats and all work out of the frame work set by the World SCUBA Recreational Training Council (WRSTC), to ensure the minimum safety standards are met.

PETER Diving System fulfils the requirements to provide optimum reliability and ease to those persons or companies diving with it. Here is a list of the main advantages:

  • Ultra-light, only 15 Kg for a set for 3 divers in total
  • Solid, unsinkable float designed by naval architects
  • Universal & modular, allowing a quick reconfiguration of max. depth and no. of divers
  • Availability of a specialty course for recreational divers and professionals
  • No compressor, any type of air cylinder can be utilised
  • Little maintenance required
  • Insurance coverage guaranteed

Value for diving operators

The DEMA Dive Facts report from 2013 states that there were 6 million SCUBA divers and 11 million snorkelers in USA. As the middle market, hookah diving is estimated to be over 30% of the total diving and snorkelling market. Most dive centers are not exploiting this niche yet.

PETER Diving is not a substitute of snorkelling or SCUBA but a new revenue stream coming from a different target group. It stimulates internal sales, becoming a great upsell activity for customers to go from snorkelling to Try PETER Diving and for customers starting with PETER Diving to Try SCUBA Diving, or Open Water Diving.

PETER Diving does best in diving centers and resorts, eco-parks, entertainment complexes and water park attractions where the infrastructure is already set. However, it can also be run as a standalone operation. The versatile PETER Diving System can adapt to nearly any operating environment within these markets; from open ocean to yacht charters and more.

The combination of a certification for the technology with the specialty course outline available at international training agencies make the insurance companies cover all liabilities derived from its operations, including those from yacht charter guests.

No hidden royalties whatsoever, and the chance to become a retailer of PETER Diving System with the best unit prices, make our brand the best option for increasing the value of diving businesses and their clients.

We have designed this business model so that when our customers invest more in the “Try PETER Diving” product, they obtain increased value and reduce their operational costs.

Furthermore, we proudly support those diving centers that keep high standards of safety, offer excellent customer service, and share our values for marine conservation and inclusive leisure.

These are what we call Authorised PETER Points and automatically become our best brand representatives in their respective territory.

A great example are surface-supply diving experts Stuart Coves in the Bahamas that recently signed onto the growing list of international PETER Diving System adopters together with many other renowned SCUBA dive centers world-wide.

Find out more in our business presentation for diving operaitons.

Let's make new divers together

PETER Diving System is committed to add value to the recreational diving industry by converting more snorkelers into SCUBA certified divers, working side by side with diving centers and training agencies with the ambitious aim of helping the global diving industry grow, and with it the respect for the marine ecosystem.

If you have a company with any of the aforementioned profiles and want to start working with PETER Diving System, get in touch with us.

Our team will be pleased to find the best way to bring value to our businesses in a common project.

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