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Eco Dive School is a British/German owned dive school on the Island of Sal, Cape Verde.

Owned and run by Neil and Sandra, a couple who were brought together through their shared love of diving, the Eco Dive School is aptly named to reflect its values of Recreation, Conservation and Education. Sandra, with a Master's Degree in Marine Biology has great knowledge and love for the ocean and has enviably positioned herself educating and sharing her passion with others in Cape Verde, one of the greatest preserved underwater paradises in the world.

At Eco Dive School you will find a close knit multi-lingual team of PADI and SSI Dive Professionals waiting to share the underwater highlights of their island with you of which there are many. The Cape Verdean government recently set up Marine Protected Areas around the islands in a bid to boost fish populations in the region, a scheme who's success can be witnessed while diving with huge schools of grouper, barracuda, jack's and many more. Growth in these populations has returned balance to the area and has in turn benefited the health of the reef and of course attracted more sharks, rays and turtles.

The island of Sal is surrounded by a fascinating underwater landscape of beautiful healthy coral reefs, sunken wrecks and volcanic caves, including the famous Blue Eye on the north west of the island which can be accessed by divers though an 80m long tunnel, a must see for all visitors to the island but especially for divers who enjoy a different perspective.

During the summer months the water around Cape Verde is a warm 27 degrees which then drop to 20 in winter so diving in comfortable temperatures is possible all year round. Currents can be strong thanks to the trade winds that can whip around the islands so some dive sites can become quite demanding but the team at Eco Dive School know the island like the back of their hand and can find a dive site for all levels and strengths whatever the conditions. Eco Dive School is open 363 days a year and will soon be introducing the PETER Diving System to their repertoire of activities on offer. So whether you are a seasoned pro or taking your first leap into the blue they will surely be able to find the right underwater experience to suit you.

Praia Antonio Sousa,
C.P. 182,
Santa Maria 4111,
Cape Verde

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