PETER Diving System


19 December 2017


With decades in the marine industry, Delma Marine has successfully become the exclusive distributor for renowned high quality brands such as Mercury Engines, Boston Whaler, Quicksilver, Bayliner, Awl Grip, Lewmar, Marlow among others. Also providing the specific technical services.

Lately Delma Marine has diversified into the accessories needed for both the professional and recreational maritime activities such as diving.

After successfully obtaining the distribution for Beuchat, a big name in diving equipment and accessories, Delma Marine decided in 2017 to become the representative in the United Arab Emirates for PETER Diving.

During the production of the first ever stock for the Emirates, Delma Marine´s Diving Department Supervisor visited our facilities in Mallorca to earn the teaching status for the PETER Diving specialty certification course under the Scuba Schools International Standards.

Since November, not only is the PETER Diving System available in UAE but so is the certification training course for those watersport or diving centers willing to operate PETER Diving under the highest safety standards.

This course is also available for the yacht crews ensuring the correct use of PETER Diving for the guests’ entertainment but also importantly, to have all liabilities covered by yacht insurances. This is a key achievement in PETER Diving as it makes it the only surface-supply diving kit available for the yacht charters.

Moreover, Delma Marine is proposing development plans to make diving better, bigger, safer and more attractive in UAE.

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Delma Marine are installing artificial reefs to set up a protected marine park in which eco-tourists will be brought to perform recreational dives and be able to observe the improvement in the local ecosystem.

The final aim is to stimulate recreational diving by promoting marine conservation projects, understanding that these two go hand in hand.

Everyone is interested in diving in healthier and richer seas so thank you Delma Marine for taking care of the underwater life and for making PETER Diving available in the Middle-East.



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PETER Diving System