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Diving into 2019 with PETER Diving System

04 January 2019
Diving into 2019 with PETER Diving System

Starting as a family business a couple of years ago with the mission to provide the safest, simplest and most reliable surface supply diving concept (known as the hookah system in USA), PETER Diving International reached out to some of the key markets for the diving and yachting industry in the past year.

Not only that but also it improved its technology to offer even higher standards of safety to our customers. Also, during 2018, a number of elite scientific institutions have adopted our concept to make their underwater works more efficient in marine science, ecosystem conservation and restoration.

Below a summary of the most relevant milestones that PETER Diving International achieved recently, but if you plan to visit the next big show in Germany be our guest and request a meeting with PETER Diving at Düsseldorf's BOOT Show 2019.

International expansion

Along 2018, our team focused efforts in promoting our brand and concept in the two major international dive shows that happened in January -BOOT, Germany - and November - DEMA Show, USA. This resulted in hundreds of PETER Diving System units sold to 17 international markets where recreational diving and yachting are popular. We could not have achieved this rapid international expansion without the support of key allies.

Sunseeker London Group with 40 offices in 20 countries throughout Europe and Northern Africa, started recommending PETER Diving System to their clients last year but outside the London Group, we found other Sunseeker partners willing to not only promote but engage in actively becoming distribution partners. This just happened in Thailand where PETER Diving System was presented by their team in the two major boat shows -Ocean Marina Boat Show & Thailand Boat Show- creating quickly a demand for surface supply diving in both the yachting and diving segments. A great entry to the high potential markets of South-East Asia.

Now PETER Diving System is represented by renowned trade partners in different markets:

  • USA - Shevans
  • United Arab Emirates - Delma Marine Industries
  • Thailand - Sunseeker Thailand
  • Turkey - Project in Blue
  • Netherlands & Dutch Antilles - Control Systems International
  • Spain - EYOS Tenders & Toys
  • France & Monaco - Aqua Marine Group

Also, the yacht clients can get a quick supply of our hookah units by ordering them to specialised international suppliers and luxury toy outfitters such as Superyacht Tenders & Toys, EYOS Tenders & Toys, National Marine & Versilia, as well as getting the required certifications for their crew Dive Masters at any Authorised PETER Point.

There is a growing list of destinations where you can try the PETER Diving Experience, get your specialty certification courses and get hold of your own PETER Diving System:

  • USA - Florida, Texas & Hawaii
  • Curaçao
  • Cabo Verde
  • Portugal
  • Spain - Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza & Formentera
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Madagascar
  • Maldives

For watersport and dive operations, there is clear benefits from becoming an Authorised PETER Point as per demonstrated by the quick rising number of hookah diving adopters in the last year, and many more to be published in the following weeks.


The recognition of our training standards by international agencies members of the Recreational Scuba Training Council, allowed for our hookah concept to be covered by all insurance companies including DAN, DiveAssure, Pantaenius and rest related to the diving and yachting segments.

After MARES launched last year the second stage Loop 15X, our engineering team thought it could be a great fit for PETER Diving System by providing maximum level of comfort to the divers jaws, as it reduces the tension created when turning your head to the sides and your chin up and down while exploring the underwater world.

To make sure that our feeling was right, we supplied a number of this second stages to Authorised PETER Points worldwide. watch this video to see both the MARES Rover and the Loop 15X under tests while the Sun Siyam Diving staff was trained in the Maldives. It was concluded that the comfort was optimised with the Loop 15X. Hence, from 2019 onwards, all PETER Diving System units will be outfitted with this second stages if not requested otherwise by our customers that sometimes have special requirements.

As per the growing demand of our hookah concept by high standard dive centers and resorts, sometime in remote locations with difficult import paths, our engineering team has put together a full technical maintenance manual and a catalogue for spare parts and repair kits, available now for all our customers.

We are very excited to be developing an innovative solution for increasing the value of PETER Diving System. Even though the air management procedures are standardised in our training programs providing absolute safety, it was still a little nuisance for the diver responsible of controlling the air to ascend to the surface in order to check the pressure gauge found in the cylinder floating in the surface. Our engineering team is very close to finalise the design of a great solution.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting R&D project.

Marine science & conservation

PETER Diving International is committed to contribute to the preservation of the marine habitats via our TRITON Project.

Our first collaboration with NGO Coral Guardian started back in 2016 where equipment and training was donated for their work in coral reef restoration in Indonesia involving the local communities. After which we have tried to offer PETER Diving System as a valuable tool to other scientists working in marine ecology.

In early 2018, the Institute for Mediterranean Studies (IMEDEA-CSIC) in Mallorca were supplied with our hookah sets and specialty certification courses for over 10 scientists in their marine ecology team. Spending long hours of work without all the heavy equipment on the diver's backs made the shallow underwater tasks much easier and efficient.

This year, other important scientific institutions will start getting the benefits from doing marine science and conservation with PETER Diving System. This new collaborations will be published as soon as they are up and running, we'll keep you posted!

Thanks for your interest and support! 

Our team will be happy to respond any enquiries that you may come up with, get in touch with us.

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