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The Balearic Island of Menorca has been a popular holiday destination since the 1970s and hs never lost its appeal, for very good reason. Offering a more wholesome family oriented holiday that its bolder, brasher neighbours of Mallorca and Ibiza, this little islands charms are no mystery.

Despite its diminutive size the number of beaches in Menorca is more than the total number of beaches in Mallorca and Ibiza combined so your chances of finding a peaceful sandy patch to lay back and relax are relatively higher than elsewhere in the Med.

The Menorcan government have gone to great lengths to promote sustainable tourism on their Island and it has served them well. Menorca became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993 in recognition of the governments efforts to protect natural ecosystems and consciously control development. Sustainable tourism and these beautifully preserved habitats mean that there is plenty of things to see and do in Menorca surrounded by nature.

Things to do in Menorca

Like its neighbour Mallorca, Menorca is popular with cyclists but without the steep climbs of the mountains in Mallorca, Menorca has something different to offer its two wheeled visitors. The Cami de Cavalls is a restored Medieval Bridle Path that circumnavigates the island for 125 miles. Not only for cyclists, this coastal path offers walkers and horse riders the opportunity to take in the most beautiful sights of Menorca’s coastline and discover secluded bays.

During your stay on Menorca you will notice that horses are an important feature in the culture of the island and if you are lucky enough to time your holiday with one of the many fiestas that take place throughout the year you may get to witness the dancing horses that play a role in these celebrations.

If you are interested in seeing parts of historical Menorca then look no further than a trip to the Taula’s or stone monoliths. These mysterious stones are similar to those found at Stone Henge in the UK and date back to between 1000 and 3000 BC. For more recent history the Castillo de San Felipe and its network of underground tunnels is a fascinating place to visit in Menorca.

Undoubtedly however the most popular things to do in Menorca are based in and around the water. Many beaches could potentially compete for the title of most beautiful beach on the island, one of which is Cala Pregonda, this pretty bay is not far from the town of Es Mercadal on the North and boasts millpond still turquiose water and red sand like no other on the island.

Visit outside of the Summer months to escape the crowds at Cala Macarella, 10 miles from Ciutadella and picture postcard pretty.

A great idea is to hire a kayak to explore the coastline of Menorca from a different aspect. Many beautiful coves can only be accessed from the water so you may find your own private piece of paradise for the day. To find real peace why not venture underwater where all you can hear is the sound of your own bubbles.

Diving in Menorca

The topography of Menorca below sea level is that of caves, networks of tunnels, underwater valleys and walls with sandy bottoms. The islands crescent shaped bays provide the perfect shelter for taking your first breaths underwater and discovering your new passion for diving. Many boats have met their demise on rocky outcrops and so a wide variety of shipwrecks are dotted around the island creating new habitats for soft corals, schools of groupers and barracuda. One of the most popular wrecks for divers being the Malakoff, a French cargo ship which sank in 1929 carrying cement, steel and tiles which now form the base of a fantastic artificial reef.

The quiet North of Menorca is ringed by a Marine Reserve established in 1999 where life abounds thanks to its protected status. Glide over meadows of Posidonia, find scorpionfish and nudibranches hiding in cracks and crevices of rocky walls at Barbada Rafalet and venture through caves and tunnels to caverns where bats swoop among the stalagtites and stingrays meet for mating season.  

With such wide variety the island of Menorca is a perfect diving destination for seasoned cave diving enthusiasts, total beginners and anyone who loves to blow bubbles. Now you can try diving with the PETER Diving System with Merak Diving, a dive center with two bases on the island at Fornells and Mahon allowing them to enjoy the benefits of easily accessing all the best sites around Menorca.

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